Mental toughness and resilience (01B08CL/19)

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Have you ever wondered what makes somebody good at what they do? Maybe it’s a friend who is a good parent or somebody that you used to work with who is a good sportsperson? Why do some people achieve their goals in life and work while others fail? We often think that these people are more talented, or much more intelligent than we are. Think again though.

When you start looking into it, your talent and your intelligence don’t play nearly as big a role as you might think. What makes a much bigger impact is your mental toughness. It’s often described as ‘having true grit’ and this course will look at why it is so important and how you can develop more of it to help you to move on in life and work.

What do I need to join the course?

No prior knowledge is required to take part in this course.

What do I need to bring with me to the first session?

You might like to bring a notebook and pen with you.

How will I be taught?

Participants will work in a group with 2 trained facilitators, taking part in a series of structured and informal physical activities, discussions and written work to explore areas related to mental wellbeing.
The programme is predominately delivered through group work but there will also be elements of some one-to-one mentoring.
All sessions will provide opportunities for learners to develop their communication, group and team work and problem solving skills.

What will I learn?

On the course you will learn:

  • Explore the fear of change
  • Increase strategies to self-motivate
  • Challenge self-imposed barriers
  • Increase inner strength ad resilience
  • Increase recognition of individuals’ capabilities
  • Managing our own welfare
  • Self-analysis of strengths
  • Creating an achievable vision for their future

What could I do next?

After successfully completing this course you and your tutor will discuss your progression options.

Can we help you to learn?

You can find more information on the Financial help and additional support page or you can contact us to talk about this and any other support we can provide.

Venue Details

Adult Learning Bridlington
Adult Learning Centre, King Street, Bridlington
YO15 2DF

01262 677500