Try conversational Spanish - virtual (12RN06CL/20)

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Course details

Do you want to learn basic Spanish greetings that you can put to good use when visiting a Spanish speaking country? If so then this is an ideal way to give learning to speak Spanish a try. In this virtual, two hour, free try session you will learn some basic phrases and be guided through pronunciation and expression by one of our tutors. Join in and find out more about other language courses that we offer before deciding whether or not you want to continue to learn more.

What do I need to join the course?

Enthusiasm! No prior knowledge of Spanish is required to take part in this course.

In order to join this virtual learning course you will need:

A reliable internet connection, a webcam / camera and a computer/Laptop/Tablet, you may also choose to use a headset or earphones with a microphone attachment. You may also wish to have a notepad and pen available for making any notes. You should ensure that you have a suitable place to study that is free from any distractions.

You will need to have access to Microsoft Teams, which is available as a free download.

What do I need to bring with me to the first session?

No further resources required for this course.

How will I be taught?

You will be taught and supported online by an experienced Spanish speaking tutor and will take part in short conversations in Spanish.

What will I learn?

On the course you will learn:

  • to greet in Spanish at different times of the day
  • to say where you live
  • to ask and respond to simple questions.

What could I do next?

Once you’ve attended this course you’ll be in a position to decide whether you wish to continue to learn more about holiday Spanish. If so then you may wish to progress to one of our Spanish courses and your tutor will give you more information about this in the session. If you want to try a different subject then we offer a range of opportunities in computer skills, English, maths, employability, creative skills, retail, photography, Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools (STLS) etc.

Can we help you to learn?

You can find more information on the Financial help and additional support page or you can contact us to talk about this and any other support we can provide.