Computers for improvers (06B06CL/20)

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Adult Learning Bridlington
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Come along and learn how to create and send an email, as well as carrying out internet searches and saving your work into new and existing files and folders. You will learn more about Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and how these software packages can be used to create basic documents such as presentations, letters and spreadsheets.

What are you doing to keep learners safe?

The safety of our learners and staff is our top priority and we’ve made some big changes to our centres, from socially-distanced training rooms to staggered start times. Although things will look different, our staff will be as friendly and helpful as ever and we’re really excited to welcome learners back.

If you’re concerned about visiting one of our centres, please get in touch so we can discuss it with you.

What do I need to join the course?

You will need to book an appointment to see an adviser to check that this is the right course for you. Ideally you will have completed the Computers for beginners course and have basic computer skills, such as turning a computer on/off and how to use your mouse effectively to open applications. You should ideally have access to a computer to practise between taught sessions.

What do I need to bring with me to the first session?

You should have a willingness to learn and carry out activities within a group as well as individually. It would also be useful to bring a notebook and pen to make your own notes. If you prefer to bring your own laptop to use, this is fine. We have free wifi in all our classrooms.

How will I be taught?

This course will be delivered by an experienced tutor in one of our computer suites. The sessions will include demonstrations as well as group activities and individual exercises.

What will I learn?

  • Basic emails, email layouts and presentation
  • Searching techniques
  • Simple features on the tool bar, i.e. copy and paste
  • How to create a document using Word
  • How to create a spreadsheet using Excel
  • How to create a presentation using PowerPoint.

What could I do next?

You may want to continue learning computer and digital skills by attending our Improve your computer and digital skills course, where you can choose to develop your skills in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and email further. You could also choose from one of our other ICT themed courses such as: scams, e-safety, online shopping or filling in online forms, please make an appointment to see an advisor to discuss this.

Can we help you to learn?

You can find more information on the Financial help and additional support page or you can contact us to talk about this and any other support we can provide.

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Adult Learning Bridlington
Adult Learning Centre, King Street, Bridlington
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