Positive mental health in times of change - virtual (INTC00575)

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  • This is an East Riding Council staff course. If you are not a member of staff, you will not be able to apply or enrol to this course.

Course details

Change and uncertainty can be difficult to cope with. From COVID-19 and the easing of lockdown to more ‘normal’ life changes like job changes, house moves, relationship breakdowns and loss, change can have a huge impact on our mental wellbeing. This session will reflect on our understanding of our emotions and reactions to change with a focus on wellbeing and how to positively move forward. It will support you to lead yourself through change and look after your own mental health whilst taking the next steps to a more settled, relaxed life.

What do I need to join the course?

In order to join this virtual learning course you will need: A reliable internet connection, a webcam / camera and a computer/Laptop/Tablet, you may also choose to use a headset or earphones with a microphone attachment. You may also wish to have a notepad and pen available for making any notes. You should ensure that you have a suitable place to study that is free from any distractions.

What do I need to provide for the first session?

This course is delivered via virtual learning on ZOOM. You will not need to attend any classroom delivery but you will need to commit to attending the virtual session at the specified date and time. In order to participate in the virtual sessions you will need access to the following:

  • Computer/Laptop/Tablet
  • Headset/earphones if required, including a microphone (unless you are able to work in an area where you will not be disturbed/disturb others
  • A reliable internet connection
  • An email address to access the virtual classroom
  • A means of using video conferencing e.g. integrated webcam, webcam, smart phone/tablet with camera
  • Teams app downloaded (free download is available https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/microsoft-365/microsoft-teams/download-app

How will I be taught?

Your learning will be supported online by an experienced tutor through small and large group discussions, video clips, and reading materials.

What will I learn?

Having attended the course you will:

  • be able to describe, recognise and acknowledge what happens when we experience change
  • recognise and understand the emotions experienced and the importance of wellbeing
  • understand Stress and work related stress and how change impacts this
  • understand how to adapt mentally to change including looking at the change curve
  • be aware of tools and techniques to support and improve wellbeing and resilience

What could I do next?

You can discuss any learning and / or development needs at any time, including as part of your development review, with your Supervisor or Manager and they will help identify the best solution to resolve the need. You should ensure that you reflect on any learning and/or development completed regularly to ensure it has met your needs.

Should you require any further learning and/or development then details of other courses are available to view on the course booking system.