Preparing and Undertaking Workplace Investigations - virtual (INTC00595)

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  • This is an East Riding Council staff course. If you are not a member of staff, you will not be able to apply or enrol to this course.

Course details

The aim of this session is to provide managers with the skills and processes to ensure that participants are able to carry out effective fair and robust workplace investigations in line with councils best practice and employment law.

The need for a workplace investigations can vary from disciplinary, grievance or capability matters and managers need to be confident in their ability in preparing workplace investigations in different situations when addressing concerns raised about an employee or when an employee has reported a concern with you. Thereby enabling you to reach a fair, objective and reasonable outcome. It is the Manager’s responsibility to ensure the standards of conduct are maintained and communicated effectively, and where necessary if an employee’s conduct falls below the expected standards take the required action.

This sessions will provide managers with the information required to be able carry out a thorough investigation into any allegations / complaints and identifies how to handle the investigation by gathering facts and using problem solving techniques. The course covers the knowledge required for workplace investigations in accordance with council policies and procedures while identifying the importance of communication, employee wellbeing and management counselling through coaching and training required to establish a positive outcome. This course is designed for team leaders, supervisors and line managers responsible for managing workplace investigations.

This policy applies to all council employees, except school based employees, which are excluded from this process, unless adopted by the respective school governing bodies, under the council policies.

What do I need to join the course?

Commit to completing all elements of the session including the practical scenarios to assist particpants build knowledge, skills and confidence in conducting workplace investigations. There will be group activities in breakout sessions to discucss approaches when dealing with challenging and sensitive situations. Application of your learning into the workplace are essential to strengthening your day to day practice.

In order to join this eLearning course you will need:
A reliable internet connection, a computer/Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone, you may also choose to use a headset or earphones with a microphone attachment.

What do I need to provide for the first session?

This course is delivered via virtual learning on Microsoft Teams. You will not need to attend any classroom delivery but you will need to commit to attending the virtual sessions at the specified dates and times. In order to participate in the virtual sessions you will need access to the following:

  • Computer/Laptop/Smartphone/Tablet
  • Headset/earphones if required, including a microphone (unless you are able to work in an area where you will not be disturbed/disturb others
  • A reliable internet connection
  • An email address to access the virtual classroom
  • A means of using video conferencing e.g. integrated webcam, webcam, smart phone/tablet with camera
  • Teams app downloaded

You may find it useful to have a notebook and pen to make notes and you may be asked to submit work back to your tutor, therefore the ability to produce a text or word document that you can upload or email to your tutor will be beneficial.

How will I be taught?

Your learning will be supported online by an experienced trainer, this will be an interactive session and you will be able to take part in small and large group discussions and share your thoughts. Additional reading may be required to support learning.

What will I learn?

This session aims to increase a managers’ awareness of their responsibilities in managing workplace investigtions and develop their confidence in handling challenging issues and participant concerns through practical scenarios. On the course you will:

  • Develop an awareness of the legislation, to be able to plan and manage a workplace investigation exploring what constitutes a fair and reasonable disciplinary process
  • Understand the key responsibilities of an investigating manager and others involved in the disciplinary process with the support from HR
  • Become confident with the tools and techniques used when conducting effective interviews, preparing meaningful questions and taking witness statements
  • Understand how to handle challenging and sensitive situations that might arise when carrying out workplace investigations including taking immediate action-suspension, redeployment.
  • Be able to document evidence and compile a clear well-structured report which may be used for a disciplinary hearing

What could I do next?

If you wish to undertake further training you should discuss this with your line manager in the first instance. Details of other courses are available to view on the course booking system. This is a standalone course and supports other courses forming part of the Essential Skills for East Riding Managers programme, including:

  • Developing your Emotional Intelligence Skills
  • Organising and Delegating
  • Leading and Motivating a Team
  • Modern Leadership for the Modern Workplace
  • Recruitment and Selection inc Safer Recruitment