Introduction to psychology (02B05CL/22)

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Have you ever wondered how our personalities develop? How about why some people have better memories than others, or where prejudice and discrimination come from? If you have a curiosity for the world around you, and what makes people similar whilst still being unique, then this is the course for you.

This Introduction to Psychology course is suitable for anybody who is interested in human behaviour and wants to develop their knowledge and understanding.

You’ll learn about the evolution of psychology and some of its key principles and debates.

You’ll also find out more about how memory develops and gain a better understanding of how phobias, prejudice and discrimination can develop and consider how we develop as individuals.

This course is perfect for anyone who is interested in the science of human behaviour and would like to develop their knowledge and understanding of psychology.

This course improve ones own understanding health and well-being, including mental health or personal development.

What will I learn?

You will learn about:

  • the evolution of psychology;
  • memory development, non-verbal communication, and the role of social influence;
  • development of personality, phobias, sex and gender, and stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination;
  • how psychology applies to our everyday lives.

What is it like to learn with East Riding Adult Learning and Employability?

At East Riding Adult Learning and Employability we pride ourselves on the support we give to our learners, from the very first time you contact us, to the day you achieve your learning goals.

If you choose to learn with us you will be supported by our dedicated staff, learn in small, friendly and welcoming groups and have the opportunity to take part in a range of activities to practice your skills. You’ll receive lots of encouragement and feedback to help you build both your skills and your confidence.

Our team will be there to support you at every step of your journey and we always welcome your feedback to help us to ensure that you always feel safe, happy, supported and welcome.

What do I need to join the course?

You do not need any prior knowledge of psychology to join this course, just an interest in the subject.

What do I need to provide for the first session?

You may find it useful to have a notebook and pen to make notes.

What could I do next?

You may wish to go on to join one of our other Health and Social Care courses; we offer courses in Child and adolescent development, Counselling, Self Esteem and Confidence Building and Mindfulness; your tutor will discuss the options with you during your time on this course.

Can we help you to learn?

You can find more information on the Financial help and additional support page or you can contact us to talk about this and any other support we can provide.

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