Understanding Children and Young Peoples' Mental Health Level 2 Certificate - elearning (SDCYPMHAL/23)

Online Course

Course details

This nationally recognised, Level 2 qualification is designed for learners who want to increase their knowledge and understanding of children and young people’s mental health, including depression and anxiety, the legislation and guidance surrounding mental health, risk factors that may affect mental well-being and how to build resilience against these, and the impact of mental health concerns may have on young people.

The course will be delivered via elearning - this will enable you to study from anywhere, at any time. You will have unlimited support from qualified tutors and receive a digital e-certificate upon completion.

What will I learn?

On the course you will learn:

  • The concept and prevalence of mental health problems in children and young people;
  • Legislation and guidance that applies to children and young people’s mental health;
  • How society views mental health;
  • The risk factors that affect mental health;
  • The potential effects of puberty and developmental changes on the mental health of children and young people;
  • How abuse or bullying may affect the mental health of a child or young person;
  • Behaviour that is associated with mental health concerns in children and young people;
  • Understand stress, anxiety and depression in children and young people;
  • The impact mental health concerns can have on children and young people and others;
  • The importance of being diagnosed with a mental health problem;
  • Person-centred approaches to supporting children and young people with mental health concerns;
  • How to promote mental well-being;
  • Services and treatment involved with children and young people’s mental health.

You will do the following Modules:

  • Unit 1 - Understand the principles of mental health concerns in the context of children and young people;
  • Unit 2 - Legislation and best practice relating to children and young people’s mental health;
  • Unit 3 - Living with childhood mental health conditions;
  • Unit 4 - Understand how to minimise the risk of mental health concerns in children and young people;
  • Unit 5 - Understand causes and diagnosis of mental health concerns in children and young people.

What is it like to learn with East Riding Adult Learning and Employability?

At East Riding Adult Learning and Employability we pride ourselves on the support we give to our learners, from the very the first time you contact us, to the day you achieve your goals.

If you choose to join this course you will be supported by our dedicated staff, and have the opportunity to take part in independent research activities to develop your knowledge and skills and receive lots of encouragement to help you build both your knowledge and your confidence.

You will gain a nationally recognised qualification that will enhance both your personal skills and professional development.

What do I need to join the course?

  • Have achieved a Level 2 English qualification.
  • Able to commit 10-14 hours per week to your learning and work submission.
  • Access to a computer/laptop and have a stable internet connection.
  • A word-processing application (such as Microsoft Word) for submitting work.
  • A notepad and a pen for making notes.
  • You will speak to one of our Advisors prior to enrolling on the course.

Don’t worry if you don’t meet all of the entry requirements. Please contact us, as we may be able to offer additional support and guidance, depending on your circumstances.

How will I be taught?

You will study completely online and work at your own pace, benefiting from access to online content, including resources such as interactive case studies, videos and study notes.

You will be allocated an assessor who will keep in touch with you to review your work and offer any guidance you may need. You will also agree a planned completion date with your assessor. Typically we would allow up to 24 calendar weeks for completion of the course.

What do I need to provide for the first session?

You will need a notebook and pen to take notes during your sessions. Please also refer to the above.

What could I do next?

Other eLearning courses are available, such as Level 2 Awareness of Mental Health Problems, which relates to adult mental health.

Can we help you to learn?

You can find more information on the Financial help and additional support page or you can contact us to talk about this and any other support we can provide.